Bisky Bosky product update

i know i have been neglecting this blog. so this is my entry to break my silence....

firstly, i'd like to thank all the responses to my product. newspaper articles has helped to put Bisky Bosky in the limelight and to create awareness.

Secondly, i need to update my products..our pads are cotton base with bamboo velour top. we no longer make flannel pads.

Our price list is as follows.

petite pantyliners (Bamboo Velour) rm15
petite pantyliners (Minky) rm17
pantyliners (Bamboo Velour) rm15
pantyliners (Minky) rm17
light pad (Bamboo Velour) rm20
light pad (Minky) rm22
regular pad (bamboo velour)rm25
regular pad (minky) rm27
long pad (bamboo velour)rm35
long pad (minky) rm37


  1. Tumpang tanya. Kedai dia di mana eh?

  2. boleh detail sis? sbb mlalui fb, akk xreply pon~

  3. assalam...

    ada set apa ya dalam starter pack RM150?

  4. berminat nak order, please emel the details to

    starter pack rm150 including apa ya?