What is Bisky Bosky?

What is Bisky Bosky?

Bisky Bosky panty liners and pads are reusable cloth panty liners/pads. It is made from cotton flannel therefore it is very comfortable.

Bisky Bosky panty liner is suitable for daily use, light menses and use with menstrual cup.

Bisky Bosky day pad is suitable for medium to light flow.

Bisky Bosky long pad works for night time and heavier flows.


After use, you rinse out all blood. Fold it like an envelope and keep. When on the go you may want to use a wetbag, any closed pouch or a ziplock bag. When at home you may keep it in a closed pail. the, wash in the washing machine with normal laundry.

Tips : try not to brush your pads as the fabric may damage.


Lay Bisky Bosky Panty Liner or pad on top of your panties (solid colour facing the inside). Snap the button at the bottom of your panties (like the wings of disposable pads).

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